Senator And CPDM Political Bureau Member Kidnapped By suspected Amba Boys


A senior member of the Cameroon Senate, Mrs Regina Elizabeth Mundi, who is also a member of the Political Bureau of the ruling CPDM Party, was kidnapped at Foncha Street in Bamenda earlier on this fateful day of Saturday, April 30, 2022. The incident reportedly happened at about 11.45 am. Mrs Mundi’s driver and her Prado Car were also reportedly taken along by the unknown gunmen suspected to be separatist fighters who are also known as Amba boys.

Sources say Mrs Mundi was on her way to a wedding when some unidentified gunmen suddenly surfaced on the road and stopped the car. She and her driver were surrendered by the hoodlums who seized the car keys and drove them in the vehicle to an unknown destination. Some sources quote eyewitnesses as saying that the kidnappers drove towards Bafut.
Security forces in Bamenda were reported to had immediately launched an operation to hunt for the hideout of the kidnappers, in a bid to rescue Mrs Mundi and her driver. The kidnapping of Mrs Mundi who is a well known personality in Bamenda is reported to have since become the talk of the town.
Meanwhile it is very likely that the Northwest Administration will also put some culpability for the incident on Senator Mrs Mundi herself, as sources say despite the high rate of insecurity in Bamenda due to the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis, she has reportedly been refusing to move around Bamenda town where she has been residing for over 40 years, with armed security guards. Mrs Mundi is much appreciated by the local population for her dynamism including her simplicity, and it is not surprising that she felt uncomfortable moving in her town, Abakwa, with armed security men.
Worthnoting that Mrs Mundi who is a teacher by profession, before going on retirement last served as the economic and social adviser at the Northwest Governor’s Office. She was appointed into the Senate by President Biya in 2018. But she is known to always like to be identified as a teacher, and is so proud of the profession.
Politically, Mrs Mundi is quite a heavy weight, and is apparently the only current member of the Political Bureau of the ruling CPDM from the Northwest Region. Mrs Mundi’s name has come up several times in the media, projected as allegedly tipped for appointment into Government and even to the post of Prime Minister. But the media reports have so far all ended up as rumours. The most recent case was early last month (March), when some Francophone newspapers alleged that she was to be designated by President Biya who of course knows her personality, to replace Niat Njifenji Marcel in the post of President of the Senate, and that she was thus to become the Constitutional Successor to the President of the Republic.
Worthnoting as well that Mrs Mundi is by birth a daughter of Bali Nyonga, while she is by marriage a Babanki woman.

Separatist Fighters/ Criminals

Meanwhile it is a truism or an incontestable fact that many criminals especially armed robbers, had since infiltrated the ranks of many separatist groups as separatist fighters. It has since become difficult for observers to draw a line between members of separatist groups that actually believe in their fight to create an Ambazonia Republic, and on the other hand those that are in separatist groups actually because they want to use the groups as canopy or a cover for their criminal activities which include kidnapping for ransoms.
It has been observed by many people that since the Anglophone Crisis degenerated into an armed conflict between Government troops and separatist fighters, it is rare for example to hear of armed robbers or armed robberies in the two Anglopone Regions, because armed robbers as well as kidnappers
now all pass for separatist fighters. That is why there are leaders of some groups of purported separatist fighters that have become millionaires over night.
It should be noted that there are Amba groups in the two Anglophone Regions that have firmly prohibited their members from kidnappings for whatever reason in their ‘jurisdictions’, while there are some groups whose members including their leaders have become notorious for kidnapping for ransoms as well as robbing people of their vehicles in broad daylight in the name of Amba.
In Mezam Division for example, the Amba group in Bafut is notorious for kidnapping for ransoms and the ‘seizing’ of people’s vehicles for sale. In fact most of the cases of kidnapping for ransoms and ‘seizing’ of vehicles that take place in Bamenda, are reportedly carried out by bandits from nearby Bafut passing for separatist fighters.
As regards Bali Sub – Division, it is true that many atrocities have been committed in the locality by both the military and separatist fighters, since the Anglopone Crisis degenerated into an armed conflict. But as regard kidnappings for ransoms, the Amba group in Bali Nyonga reportedly prohibited kidnappings by any of their members. And in fact from the very beginning of Amba activities in Bali till date, not a single person has reportedly been kidnapped by Amba boys in the entire sub – division. There is also no known or reported case of any person that has been kidnapped in neighbouring Bamenda by the Amba boys of Bali.

By Joe Dinga Pefok


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